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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Upset in neighborhood: Bobby mowing

It's a cool morning here on the Knolltop where we are stirring up the neighborhood with unauthorized personnel on the lawnmower.

Our lawnmower has been giving us trouble this spring. Usually I bug and bug and bug til it gets fixed. But this year I decided on the "hands-off" approach. Plus, I've got so much writing to do, I hardly have time to mow.

So, two weeks have gone by and the yard is beginning to look like.....well....a jungle. Getting lost on the way to the barn is a regular least that's what I say when Bobby asks why I'm late.

Apparently, the long, upkept look was getting to Bobby too and he started to look at the mower. Three "mechanics" later, the mower was fixed and Bobby had taken over as the greenskeeper. This was all too strange to the rest of the neighborhood and the phone lines started heating up.

I received a call from a neighbor who was inquiring about the new lawnboy I had hired. She said another neighbor had called her inquiring about him too. The first neighbor said, "Is there something wrong with Melissa? She always mows the lawn and now I see Bobby out there mowing, he never mows. I just wondered if she was alright." To which the second neighbor replied, "No, I don't think so, but I'll call to make sure." She called and we had a great laugh over the fact that Bobby being on the lawnmower was cause for worry!

In 17 years of marriage, Bobby has mowed the lawn three times. And after looking at the strips of grass left here and there I say to myself...he will never mow the lawn again as long as I live!