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Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Weekend, glad it's Monday

It was a very busy weekend here on the sunny Knolltop. On Saturday Bobby, Jake and I went to Sarah's volleyball tournament while JW went to motorcycle school and Luke played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Sarah's team fared well, they placed fourth in the gold division. No, I don't know anything about the divisions.....scoring.....placing....nothin'...not a The only thing I can gather is that "gold" must be good. All I care about is watching her and seeing her team improve over time.

It was Bobby's first tournament....and he compared it to watching paint dry. But like any good dad, he cheered the team on and paid close attention to Sarah...and then had to analyze the whole thing.

Luke's team placed 2nd in their tournament. When he came to the barn that night, I said, "Hey there's Mr. Second place." He absolutely hates losing and really hates it when I rib him about it. But since it was just a 3 on 3 tournament and not the State Championship...I had to trash talk a little. He grabbed me by the arms like he would take me down but I got lose. Then, a safe distance away and standing between cows I said, "That's okay Lukie....everyone's a winner!" Oh how he hates that statement! He just gave me a big grin and then started in with the blow by blow commentary of each game. He and Jake are famous for their sports really don't even have to go to a game to know what happened, they are excellent with all the details. Luke has been that way since he was five.

Then on Sunday, Luke was asked to play on a high school 3 on 3 team. Some kids from Jonesville asked if he would play, boy he loves playing with the older boys. So Bobby, Jake and Luke headed for Jonesville, JW went to take his motorcycle test and Sarah and I went to church....where we all should've been!

Today, JW has a double header and yes...I remember...thanks to my neighbor Lori from Knolltop Morgans, that I have to provide the food!

Better get on it!