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Friday, March 20, 2009

Basketball pictures for the grandparents

Okay, life is way too busy when I can't post on this blog everyday! AHHH!!!!

But life has not gotten so busy that the laundry isn't done...don't let me fool you, I still have lots of it, but there isn't a mountain like I've had in the past. Thanks to my Sarah girl...when I head out to milk the cows at night she folds the five basket of clothes and does the dishes and anything else I ask her to do while I milk. I love having her! I think I'll keep, wait, she beat me in Gin Rummy last night.....nah..I'll keep her!

I now have a CD of basketball pictures so I'll have to load them on and post them here...just a minute, let me do that right now.Here's Luke #22 jumping for a rebound or shooting, not sure which...???

Here's JW #12 waiting to give that guy a real good shove...he likes to push and shove...that's what he does best...push and shove. Isn't he cute? And so strong????
There's Lukie again...doing a layup.

I thought Grandma and Nana would like a closer picture of Luke...just holding a basketball isn't all that exciting but you can see him a little better. And most of the pictures are of Luke because the man who took them spent a lot of time taking the JV because his son is in their he is partial to these boys. I have some of Jake I'll put up another day...for now it's time for work, or something.