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Monday, March 9, 2009

Time change

Daylight savings time took me by surprise! While I was getting the coffee ready for the morning, Saturday night my daughter was having a cup of tea and said, "Aren't we supposed to set our clocks back this weekend?"
What???? NO!!!! When I realized it was 9:30 pm and in 2 minutes I was instantly going to bed at 10:32 pm...I was devasted! I had forgotten about the spring ahead thing and wasn't able to get in bed at 8:30 pm so I was going to bed by 9:30 pm.

So this morning when we came in from the barn it looked exactly like it did when we went out to the barn....I hate that. But last night when I was coming in from the barn, it looked exactly like it did when I was going out to the barn....I like that.

Tonight JW's team begins their district play and we'll see if they end it tonight too. He left this morning in his new duds. He and Luke went to Grandma's over the weekend and Grandma lives 10 minutes from an outlet mall. (When I was growing up, that outlet mall was nothing but a field!) And of course Grandma still enjoys shopping today as much as she did when I was when the boys came home with new clothes, I was actually just as excited for them as I would've been had I gotten the new duds! THANKS GRANDMA!

Time for chores......have you gone to see what's on the Agenda Today?


threecollie said...

My brother had an inspired idea about changing the time...just change it one half an hour and leave it that way all the time...compromise, you gotta love it. lol

Paintsmh said...

I am not liking this time change much either. I wanted to stay up and watch the PBR event (which I did) but instead of it being over at 10 like it usually would be, with the time change it was instead 11 so I was getting less sleep etc. My cows don't seem to like it either!

moomam said...

I hate it! My internal body clock isn't very adaptable. The cows don't like the change either; "why are you bothering me now!"

Anonymous said...

Since daylight saving is a human convention, why should the cows be impacted? They don't know any different. If you usually milk at 5am you should be doing it at 4am instead... problem solved. Stinks to be you, though...

somebody said...