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Thursday, March 12, 2009

FFA Convention '09

It's a very cold morning here on the Knolltop. But it's clear so the sun is shining and it makes it feel warmer.

Last night we went to the boys basketball game and the varsity won, so they will be playing again on Friday against Waldron.

I've been so busy this past week trying to keep up with all the dairy news around the world for Dairy Agenda Today I've forgotten to post here! Of course it would help my memory if I actually got some sleep, staying up for 10 days straight, surviving on coffee and sweetrolls(I quit smoking...costs too much) it's hard to keep going. That $10 a week that I'm getting paid from Dairy Agenda Today will come in handy for sure. Honestly, that's the only reason I'm doing it...for the money.

Well, today we will take JW and some other boys up to MSU for the State FFA convention. It began yesterday and I couldn't go this year because know why...I can't earn my $10 this week if I don't stay here and work. They are having an ice cream social for all the kids in their region tonight at the hotel so I made some hot fudge syrup to take for them. It's cheaper than running to the store and buying it!

So I'm off now to bed the barn....later!
PS I'm only joking about the smoking...really I didn't quit....I've never started!


Dallas said...

Referencing Melissa's $10 a week compensation for helping us at, I will inform our accountant that this is the amount Melissa is expecting and have him adjust her paycheck accordingly. Thank you Melissa, this is going to save DAT a lot of money!!

Actually Melissa has been great and one of the driving forces behind the tremendous success of The site has been online for less than 2 weeks and the amount of traffic it has generated is amazing. A lot of the credit for this success goes directly to Melissa's efforts. Thank you indeed, Melissa.

Anonymous said...

At my school, I am the only girl in my class in the FFA, but I absolutely love it. I really enjoy the outdoor activities we do. I also had a lot of fun going to the State Convention and wearing the FFA uniform although I always have trouble tying my tie. I can never get my tie to go on right. I put the tie around my neck and collar, but my collar sticks straight up.

Anonymous said...