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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring break with manure!

Good morning from a cloudy but warming Knolltop.
The boys are out hauling manure today with Luke's Farmall and now I see my John Deere A is hooked up to a spreader, they better not get any manure on the old girl!

I thought I'd add a few baseball pictures today since I'm in the picture mood!

This was on Luke's birthday, they were showing off Luke's driving permit, Napoleon Dynamite Style.The determination on JW's face is so cute.
Luke is ready to catch JW's pitch.
Luke putting his helmet back on after having to run and find JW's wild pitch....or maybe not.In the huddle, JW looks like he's getting spoken to by the coach, Luke looks like he's praying...but probably not.

Okay, the boys just showed up with another spreader they went and picked up from the neighbors. Luke was driving, Jake was riding in the spreader....way too funny! Don't worry, I got a picture!