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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Arrival

We had a new arrival this evening after milking. Blanche, one of our show cows delivered a big bull. We were extremely disappointed because it wasn't a heifer! JW and I had to pull the calf, but Blanche took over and gave him a good start in life. We milked her and then fed him some colostrum before coming in for the night.


Kent said...

Hi herd you on rural route today I'm a wheat and cattle farmer in Oklahoma. Started cutting hay today hopfully it will dry . Its been so wet but i,m not complaining.I'm not that familiar with dairy farming.

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Well Kent, if you keep reading this, you may learn a lot more about dairy farming! How close are you to harvesting wheat? I saw in a paper they were hiring truck drivers for the harvest.

Anonymous said...