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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bounce, bounce, bounce

It was a busy weekend for the crew on the Knolltop that included more basketball than you could shake a stick at...along with trying to keep the farm running too.

Saturday we watched Jake's team win and Sarah's team lose. Jake had 10 points, I don't know if Sarah contributed to any of the four points her team scored or not. It was ugly. Just plain ugly. Luke then got to see the other side of the court when he referreed two kids games. He said he would never do it again. A direct quote: "The parents and coaches need to get a life, you just can't make them happy with anything. All they did was yell at us about every call, it was stupid!"

I think it was good for Luke to get that will hopefully give him a different outlook as he heads back to his side of the court. Speaking of his side, we went to Kalamazoo yesterday for his tournament. They played three games and only won one of them. They were short two players, so they only had one sub and those boys were suckin' air when they got done. Their last game was against a team with about 12 they would just sub in fresh legs and our boys would just stay out there and get ready to keep fighting. They hung tough and beat the inner city team named Eastside. I was so proud of them.

Luke had 15 in the first game, 20 in the second and 15 in the third game. He was in his glory having a riot. Like Bobby says, Luke has a big motor and can go and go and go. I'll bet he was the only kid on the team who drove home with his family, changed into his barn clothes and headed out to do more work.

And the topper of the weekend, my Spartans won! Mark my words, they will be in the final four.

Lots to catch up on today...including a trip for groceries since I'm constantly being told there is nothing to eat in this house!