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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter again

Well, it seemed like spring was trying to come over the weekend, but this morning 5 new inches of snow and the promise of more to come has kept the kids home from school again. I don't think they've got a full week since Christmas break....well that may be an exaggeration.

I couldn't help but laugh at the comment that shady knoll left the other day. She commented about the sisterhood we have here on this blog...sorry to leave you guys out....but she is right, there are a number of farm wives who visit here and we all seem to have the same story. I just think that's amazing. Someone said that when you are involved in agriculture you're involved in a huge industry with a very tight knit group of people. I bet everyone of us could go to any state in the nation and have a friend simply because of agriculture. Isn't that fun?!

With the kids home, I'm not sure what great projects we'll have today....although digging out a bedroom or two would be a good idea.


Raising Country Kids said...

You are so right. Last year my husband and I were honored by the National Outstanding Young Farmers organization, along with farmers from all across America. When we got to the convention, we were expecting "big" farmers who couldn't relate to our isolated, rural way of life. We figured that we would stand out because we're just simple ranchers. Boy, were we wrong. We all had so many differences, but we were bonded in agriculture. We still keep in touch with them and actually visited our friends' dairy in Wisconsin last month.

As a bonus, we all know the importance of small-town basketball, too, so we can relate to those posts well!

threecollie said...

That is an amazing truth!

PryorVu said...

Good thing folks in agriculture are a tight knit group. The world and especially the politicians don't really know who we are any more. It is all our fault for the messed up food supply.

Anonymous said...