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Monday, February 4, 2008

How 'bout them Giants?

It's an icy morning here on the Knolltop...but the kids still have school. The trees have ice, and there is a crust on the road, but it's not that bad.

Did you watch the superbowl last night? Wasn't that a great game? Yes, we sat in the livingroom eating our pizza and hotwings...compliments of our neighbor, she gave us a gift certificate after Jake and Bobby plowed her driveway and shoveled her steps last Friday. So we used it and had a great time eating and watching Eli and company take the wind right out of Tom Brady's sails.

You see, Tom Brady is a U of M grad and Plexico Burress is an MSU grad so you now know why we wanted the Giants to win. Plus what mother wouldn't want to see two brothers go to the superbowl in consecutive years and win? It was a great game and we enjoyed every bit of it....yes, especially the commericals.

On Saturday, Jake won his game, he had 16 points and Sarah's team lost their game, she had 2 points....they only scored 4. They need a little practice.

Water's boiling for oatmeal...better get. They get a treat this morning...toast from homemade bread!