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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Icy Knolltop

Well, we woke to an icy Knolltop this morning. It was treacherous walking across the road this morning to do chores. But when we got there, we had a new baby heifer to greet us. She was up and roaming the barn through milking time until Bobby finally had a chance to put her in her new home. She makes the twins look like dwarfs.

Yesterday was a full day of basketball. Let me give you the run down. Jake's team won their game, he had 10 points as he likes to reminds us all. Sarah's team had a strong start but a poor finish, they lost but Sarah had 4 points.

Luke left with our friends for Midland, about 2 and a half hours north of here for his tournamnet. They called and gave us updates as they went, he played three games and the won two of them. One of the great things was my brother, sister-in-law and two kids surprised him and showed up at the last game....incidentally, it was the roughest game as Luke accidentally elbowed a kid while he was going up for a layup and took the kid out. He made his nose bleed and they had to stop the game to clean up the blood.

Now this is what is so peculiar....Luke said he felt bad. He watched the kid take his shirt off to wipe up the blood from his nose and Luke noticed the shirt underneath said something about praying...obviously assuming the kid and his family were Christians or at the very least attended a church. Then Luke commented that the kid's dad, who was also their coach, stood around and yelled at Luke from the sidelines about using his elbows. The coach was obviously upset and rightly so....but I don't think he had a clue of his true colors that came through and the inconsistency that this 14 year old witnessed.

What a great reminder to all of us that there are many, many eyes watching us. Watching us when we pray, watching what we do, what we say and looking to see if what we say and do actually match up.

Even though the bruiser took a kid out of the game, which I know he feels bad about, he's pretty sensitive, Luke had a great night and is even more excited than ever to be playing basketball.

I needed an infusion of Luke's passion for the sport, especially after watching MSU lose to those Hoosiers last night. But, if you're a Spartan fan or an alumni, you've learned to lose with grace. I've not lost all hope, mark my words.... they will be in the finals!