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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

JW's team won!

Well, it's icy here on the Knolltop...a real trick walking over to the barn. School in in session and the kids were bummed about that. The only day they really want to go is Friday and that's because it's winter homecoming. JW is singing during half time with the jazz band and one of Luke's best buddies, Brad, is on the homecoming court as the 8th grade representative. I guess he's less than thrilled at having to wear a tux and walk out in front of everyone with a beautiful girl on his arm. Give it a few years...that will change.

JW's team beat Tekonsha last evening, JW only had 2 fouls....they came pretty quickly. The varsity lost. Tomorrow night JW and Luke will compete in the FFA District leadership contest. Luke is on a conduct of meetings team, he went to state last year with the team, but this year he said they'll be lucky to make it out of districts. JW will compete in the extemporanious speaking contest. They pick a topic when they get there and then have 30 minutes to write a speech. That is right down his ally, back up against the wall and having to perform....he's a clutch guy all the way. Since I can't be there, I told him he had to make it to regionals so I could hear him there. I'm sure he'll do well, but those of you inclined to pray...please pray for both boys...JW is tired this week and a little stressed and could use a prayer.

Better get...lots to do!