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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They pulled it off

It's a beautiful sunny morning here on the Knolltop. And it's supposed to warm up! Yesterday we had a lot of snow and it was just plain cold out...I was so glad to get in by the corn stove last night after all the running of the day.

JW and Luke pulled it off yesterday at the district FFA competition. Luke thought his team was awful and wouldn't make it out of districts. Much to his surprise they placed first! Which means they will advance to regional competition in Sand Creek next week.

As for JW, well, he told me he thought he did well, but didn't have the time to write his speech because they had mix up in the order. He told me he only had half the time and had to just make it up as he went along. Like I said, he's good under pressure and placed 2nd, so he will go to regional competition as well.

If they both place at regionals, they will go on to the state convention and compete there. I'm so proud of them! And thanks for all of you who prayed for them...obviously your prayers were answered!

While I was at Springport, I visited with one of the four FFA advisors there and he took JW, Mr. Everett and me on a tour of their livestock and green house facilities. Boy, was I amazed at how much they do. They have a flock of sheep who are lambing right now, they have a greenhouse where they will grow vegetables for their school and to sell at the local farm market and they also have a place in the barn where it is heated for future chicken and swine projects. It was an amazing place and I've decided to do a story on it. So you may read more about it, depending on where you live.

While visiting with Dallas Burton one day, I was also introduced to an FFA teacher in Georgia, Dr. Ron Thomas, who apparently is doing a wonderful job, so he's on my story list too, just not sure right now where that story will appear...I don't have any contacts with any southern ag newspapers. Anyone got any ideas?

Speaking of Dallas Burton of the famed Burton and Fellers Sales, they are having the Butlerview Parade of Perfection sale on March 1st in Wisconsin. I've been told by a reliable source this will be a history making sale in the Holstein industry. So, I think I might have to do a story on this too, just not sure how I'll get to Wisconsin for it...I might have to do this by phone. Although if this great sales team would have internet streaming so we could all watch the sale on line...we could all get in on the history making event of the year!

I've got loads of writing to do....better get it done!


Anonymous said...

Make sure you tell Luke and J.W. how proud I am that they kicked some serious butt at Districts. J.W. especially, I am partial to Extempt Speaking. : ) Tell them good luck at Regionals, I can't wait to see them at states in March!

Anonymous said...