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Monday, July 28, 2008

Forgotten passwords

It's been so long since I posted anything here I almost forgot my password to get into my blog!

It was a great week at the All-Michigan Holstein show and 4-H Dairy Days. I've got so much information floating around in my head and some great pictures to share and I even have a contest I will launch this week!

Basically last week was a test for mom and her four kids. While I came home each night to help with chores around here, my kids stayed at the show and went to Grandmas each night. If you don't think laying in bed wondering if they had enough sense to leave the cow show at a decent hour so they could get a good night's sleep to get back up at 4 am to take care of the Knolltop show string wasn't frustrating for this controlling mom....I'll set you was about as tough for me as the first time I let someone else teach them their ABC's.

I know how difficult it is to leave the barn at night. Every step you take toward the door there is this imaginary magnet that keeps you there, people who want to visit, others who have a question, just one more hand of spoons or one last flake of hay to feed. An hour later you find yourself ten steps from where you originally decided it was time to leave for the night.

For the kids each night got a little later until the night before the Junior show. Just settling in for the night the phone rang. It was JW informing me that they would've left earlier but I left the key on in the van and they were getting a jump! Guilt galore rushed over me as I thought to myself, I should be there...why did I let them do this themselves...they need their mommy!

After an extremely long Junior show, they were so tired they could hardly see straight. Again, I came home to help with chores and left them to fend for themselves. The phone rang again at 9:45 pm. "Mom, did you take the keys to the van? We can't find them anywhere?" Yes that same rush of guilt but more concentrated with a bit of alarm and a heaping spoonful of "I think I'll hop in the truck and go to Lansing to save my children!" mixed in.

My only other option was to pray they find the keys. I mean really, I didn't want them spending the night in the cow barn and I know God didn't either! So I knew I could count on Him to find those keys and He did!

I've got lots more news and results and like I said, a contest, but for now I've got other things on the front burner that need my immediate attention!


threecollie said...

It amazes me that despite living in such different parts of the country we share so many experiences. I can remember well the first year I came home to work instead of supervising at the fair. I missed it so much, but the kids were capable and the boss needed help. I still miss it and try to get over for show day at least. We have done the lose the keys thing too, only we locked BOTH sets inside the van. You don't wanna know how many coat hangers it took to rescue them.

Anonymous said...