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Friday, July 18, 2008

The straw is waiting!

It's another warm day here on the Knolltop. We've had a hot couple of days here, but I'm not complaining.

Last evening the boys ventured out to their ball game only to find the team they were supposed to play got their schedules messed up and thought they were playing another team. The end result was no game. But the unfortunate aspect was that my parents, who haven't been able to come to any games at all because of my dad's back, finally were able to get away and come to a game....and they didn't get to see one! They called from the field and I broke the news to them. I felt awful, so that awful feeling had to be cured! I told them to come to the house and to pick up some ice cream on their way! So we sat around the table and had ice cream sundaes and listened to dad tell stories and watch the boys nearly laugh themselves out of their seats!

Straw baling is on the agenda today. Jake spent the whole day in the combine yesterday having a great time. I think he even said he took a load of something to Ohio with Rodney. He gets to have so much fun riding around the country in a big semi. What a life!

Time for breakfast and then off to the work of the day!


Dallas Burton said...

I have been called many things over the past 36 years of merchandising Holsteins. . . . but "hostest with the mostest" has never been amoung them. Leave it up to Melissa Hart to lay that phrase around my neck.

However, as is often the case with Melissa, she is right in one respect.... Jan Bierma and Hans Hopman were indeed in the United States this week visiting some internationally known farms and breeders here in the Midwest for future references in their very popular Holstein International magazine.

Herds and Holstein breeders they visited were Robthom Farm, Groves Dairy Farm (both in Missouri), Eugene & Laurie George, Rob & Lisa Leach, Gary Jons, Ed Reed (Thonyma Farm), Delmar Conner (Le-Del Farm), former Ks. Governor John Carlin (the Carlin in Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell), the farm site of Elevation Farms, Dwight & Anita Rokey and Rottinghaus Holsteins (all in Kansas).

If any of you ever get the opportunity to meet Jan and/or Hans, please avail yourself that small pleasure. They are both outstanding individuals and best of all, they laughed at all of my jokes!

somebody said...