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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chocolate Appreciation 101

Good Morning from a rainy knolltop where there probably won't be a baseball game today. But they are promising Spring weather for tomorrow!

How could I complain with the beautiful Easter weather we had on Sunday. It was sunny and in the 50s! I loved it. It was like the Easter Sundays I remember as a kid. Of course I put one big basket of candy out on the breakfast table on Sunday and by the time we headed to church, I heard complaints that the chocolate stuff was all gone. Oh, but no worries here, I hid my own stash of Cadbury chocolate so Bobby and I are still enjoying the smooth creamy premium stuff that my children haven't learned to appreciate yet.

Not that I haven't tried to teach them to appreciate the good stuff. On the way home from church one Sunday, I attempted to instruct them in Chocolate Appreciation 101. I had purchased a Cadbury candy bar and they wanted some. I told them I would give them a piece but they had to keep it in their mouths for 2 minutes, without biting it. If they did that then I would give them another piece. Everyone but Jake complied, no surprises there!

You just can't take good chocolate for granted. That's one of life's most valuable lessons!

How did we get on this subject anyway?

Let's cover the barn news: We had another heifer calf the other day, JW's friend named her Jasmine. She is a cute little thing with lots of vim and vigor! She's been out exploring the barn every morning. She greeted me this morning in the cow stable, laying with the big cows. She's such a hoot!

Well, it's time to head back out...later!