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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Showing improvement!

Good Morning from a sunny and warm Knolltop!

Thank you for your prayer, the last I heard Aaron is doing much better and continues to show improvement. But continue to pray for them as they figure out how to get home once he is released, how they will get to John's graduation and keep the cows milked!

As I think about this whole situation, I could've been out there in the mix of these events. My sister, Ginny asked if I would come speak at a womens event out there. I would've been scheduled to speak last night. Can you imagine having your son being flown to Denver with a head injury, your other son preparing to graduate in Alberta, Canada, your parents driving half way across the country to watch the graduation, your sister due to arrive in Billings and a herd of cows to milk and 70 gallons of milk to deliver to waiting customers in town and not being able to see anyone!? What a mess! But, I guess that's why it's a good thing God is in control!

Just keep praying!

Farm news: I had the chance to use my tractor this morning and boy was it fun! I love driving that thing for more than parades!

The boys lost their game last night...boohoo.

That's it for now!


Pryor Vu said...

Four Dot and company are planning to head for the north country on Saturday am after chores. Grandma is making sandwiches for the trip and a friend is baking some prepared cookies to keep the stops down to a minimum. PryorVu and friend Larry will be taking care of the milking through Monday am. We all can't get away, and the beef cows still need hay every day, plus a few barn chores. The family will be well represented for nephew's graduation. Nice that the Peckens grandparents will be there also. Still snow on the ground here after another round. We have had a round for the last six weeks in a row. Dry up enough to take the tall boots off and then it comes again. Best moisture we have had in years. The grass that we can see is a bright, bright green. Have to keep a close eye on the beef calves to be sure no scours or pneumonia.
The accident victim really seems okay, back to local Dr's next week for follow up. PryorVu gave the two youngest nephews new kites last night after they all got home and the kites were high in the sky before long.

Thanks to all who help us all with prayers for Aaron.

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