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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weather fans and Warranties

Good Morning from a cool but kind of sunny Knolltop!

Well, I know now that one person enjoys my weather report in the opening sentence. A long time friend of my family back in Fowlerville, Don Hibbard appreciates my weather opening. His wife Lou sent along a nice email letting me know they read the blogs and that Don especially likes the weather report. I emailed the Hibbards back and said I just can't seem to start writing without giving a weather report. Actually, I think that's why I have a hard time getting my other blog started, I don't mention the weather.

Anyway, last evening we headed to Adrian for the boys baseball game and they won! Luke went three for three in hitting and JW had a couple of good was right on the line! They were on fire. It was a great game. And yes, we passed the bus on our way home and Luke was picking the rocks out of his hair!

Sunday morning the skidsteer blew up. And I have to say at 4:30 am, Bobby called Matt Blonde, the sales person we do business with at Wells Equipment and within five minutes he called back and within an hour and a half we had a new(different) skidsteer to use. Now that is service! They called yesterday to tell us what the problem was with our skidsteer and the good news's under warranty!!!!! There is nothing better for a dairy farmer right now than hearing those words, "It's covered under the warranty."

Time to head back out to the barn for more chores and I think I'll do some raking today...the yard is in a shambles!


Anonymous said...

Well Liss, I asked your dad (a former catcher) about this rock and grit in the catcher's mask and ultimately in the catcher's hair and he said that he washed sand and rocks out of his hair all summer long when he was young!! I guess it just comes with the job and I have never met a catcher who was willing to play another position! We are finally rested up from that extremely long and eventful trip--your dad calls it just another adventure! Love mom

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