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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's a very small world!

It's a sunny, windy day here on the Knolltop. I'll take it!

Did I happen to mention earlier that my parents were driving to Alberta, Canada to watch my nephew John Stene graduate? I think I did. Anyway, they drove, they watched, they enjoyed and now they called me this morning, stranded in Northern Minnesota!

Their van quit and they are making a decision on what they want to do. But that's not the half of it!

While they were driving along US 2, talking to my brother on the phone he mentioned that one our old neighbors that lived down and around the corner had moved to Minnesota and he thought my parents were near to him.

Now, these neighbors were actually a family of six. Mom and Dad and four boys. Four big, big boys. The Grill family. The third son, Tommy, was my late brother Tim's, good friend. They did a lot together growing up and had a great friendship. In fact so good it lasted through a gunshot wound to the arm. Tommy and Tim were out rabbit hunting and Tim's gun accidently went off and shot Tom clean through the arm. Even after that they were good buddies.

Anyway, my other brother Rex got on the internet and looked up Tommy Grill's address and low and behold mom and dad were practically in his backyard. So they stopped in for a visit and ended up getting a motel room across from where Tommy works as a truck mechanic.(He always was a grease monkey) After spending the evening with the Grills they were on their way back to town for the night and their van quit. Thank God it was just a few miles from Tommy's house!

As of right now, they are trying to decide if they will have someone go get them, buy a new vehicle or wait for a new engine. Yes, you know the drill....please pray for them!

You might be wondering how Rex knew Tommy was in northern Minnesota? When Tommy sees a car drive in the motel across from his garage with Michigan plates, if he has a minute he goes over and asks where they are from. One person was from Ovid, where my brother lives now, and somehow they made the connection and that's how Rex new where Tommy lived.

Isn't it amazing how God can work this all out? What are the chances of my parents breaking down in a town of an old family friend? Yes, if you haven't figured it out by now, God is in control.


Anonymous said...

Reading your Monday blog about volleyball girls learning about farm life by reading farm newspapers made me smile, I've been trying to do it subtley for years, everytime I have to accompany someone to a doctors office or hospital in a large town I take along a bunch of old Farm Journals, Farm & Ranch Living, Country Woman, Progressive Farmers, etc, and infiltrate them among the tired old expired reading material usually found in those places, then I sit back and watch how quickly my old magazines are snatched up by the people waiting.Hopefully they will come away with a better understanding of our life style. Shady Knoll

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