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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rocks in his hair

Good Tuesday Morning from the rainy Knolltop! It's supposed to clear off today so that we can have a baseball game!

Speaking of baseball, I wrote a silly post on my Dairy Agenda Today blog, but I've got to share it here just in case there are those of you who refuse to head to that site or you don't have time for one more click! I understand fully and completely!

Anyway, Luke was out in the barn with me as I was milking. He was sitting on a bucket of dirty towels talking about his day when I noticed him picking at his scalp. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was picking the rocks out of his hair! Of course I ran over to see what in heaven's name he was talking about and I saw there was grit and gravel in his hair, along with shavings and a little straw chaff, (he had been playing basketball in the haymow).

He said on the bus ride home from baseball games he spends his time picking the rocks out of his hair. Apparently when he flips his mask off it falls into the dirt at home plate and gets grit and gravel in it. Then he picks it up, shakes it out and puts it back on his head. If you think about how many bad pitches get by him or how many plays at home plate there are, that's a lot of flips into the dirt, shake-outs and put-back-ons!

I guess I need to search for some industrial strength shampoo....maybe Orvus would be a good idea!