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Friday, June 26, 2009

Airport surprises!

Good Morning from a sunny and not so hot and steamy knolltop!

It's been quite a week around busy, so hot and so surprising!

I was held to secrecy until yesterday, but then I didn't have time to post yesterday, why? Because the boss was gone to Dallas! As you might remember from last year, Bobby's sister and mom surprised him for his 50th birthday. Well, Bobby and his mom planned the very same thing for his sister on her 50th! So on Wednesday morning at 3 am, JW and Bobby drove out of the driveway headed for the airport.

Just a few hours later Bobby walked up behind his sister in the Dallas airport and said something like "Ma'am, do you need some help?" Startled, Carole turned and found her big brother standing there. Hugging, tears and laughter ensued and they spent the last couple of days visiting, relaxing and

Meanwhile back at the ranch we kept the cows milked and fed and kind of cool. And we ourselves tried to stay cool, but it hasn't been easy! This morning after chores, I gave Holly a bath before she went into her boxstall, I figured she needed to look her best when Bobby got home.

Bobby is currently trying to get back home...and not a minute too soon!