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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new project across the road!

Well, it's a sunny/cloudy almost afternoon here on the Knolltop!

I've had more phone calls and interruptions this morning that I'm near noon posting on this blog!
Bobby and I attended our first school board meeting last night: Big Mistake. We thought there was going to controversy about a situation, so we went to show support for the good guys, BUT the bad guys didn't show up! So needless to say there was no controversy even though at one point I thought I was in the middle of a Jerry Springer show with everyone talking at once. Because the board president wasn't quick enough on the draw to stop all the passionate conversations that we happening all at once, I yelled out,"Hey, everyone needs to stop talking all at once, I feel like I'm at a Jerry Spring show, one person at a time please!"

Silence ensued and everyone went back to remembering their manners while Bobby hid his head in embarrassment! Oh well, I just had to say it!

Now we will move on to another happening, our roofing project!

See those guys? Way up there?

There's a little closer.
And closer yet. These guys were up there walking around, acting as if they were walking on solid ground! I was amazed!
This guy was fearless! I couldn't believe how he just went up and worked without any fear at all.
And one of the Jerseys enjoyed watching the whole process that was happening on the ground while the roofing project was happening. She stood there like this the whole time while being milked.
And now we have a new roof!


Java Girl: said...

Melissa, I'd love to see more pictures of your farm!

PryorVu said...

PryorVu is chairperson of the local school board and you did the right thing. I'll relate to you one experience from our last meeting. The board was discussing video cameras on school buses, etc and one visitor kept talking with others in the guest "gallery" and I interrupted saying this was a school board meeting and if they would like to add something please be recognized by the board chair before speaking. When I got home after the meeting there was a message on my answering machine asking for an apology for yelling at this person. I did not return the call.
Picked fresh brocolli from the garden last night. There is spinach and radishes ready also. Some frost damage 10 days ago, but looks like all will recover.
Like the color of the barn roof. Bobby had told me about the project when he was here this spring.

Anonymous said...