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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

It's a cloudy kind of rainy morning on the Knolltop!


Twelve years ago today at 7:45 am, I gave birth to Jacob Warren Hart and it was the best birth ever. Why? It was the only one I had DRUGS for! The other three kids were all natural and after I had Jake I kicked myself for not doing drugs for the first three! It was so easy laying there having contractions and not feeling them. OHHHHH it was so nice!

Anyway, Jake had his breakfast of choice this morning, French Toast and later today he will have a friend over. We'll have chocolate cake and ice cream and open presents.

He also has a game tonight, if it doesn't get rained out!

They boys are still working on the hay mower, it's a good thing it's going to rain!


Paintsmh said...

A very happy birthday to him! I hope he has a terrific day!

Java Girl: said...

Melissa, with that brood it looks like they keep you really busy!

Hey check out my blog, I told a story about you and I when we were little. It's funny, every time I write out one of our adventures my site meter goes crazy. we did have lot's of fun!!

Anonymous said...