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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baseball games and awards

I've been trying for an hour to write on this blog....but haven't been too successful, so hopefully I can get it done now!

Good Morning from a sunny Knolltop. Wait, I've got to go make a cup of coffee! There, that's better, now I can write.

Yesterday we went up to Jake's field day, they played games and had a lot of fun, I took a couple of pictures that I will share.

On Monday night we had the sports banquet where the boys were honored. Luke earned his varsity letter, as a freshman and since JW earned his as a freshman too, this year he received a pin to put on his varsity jacket. Now Luke will have to get a varsity jacket! Jake was the manager of the team and got a certificate too!

Then last night Jake was supposed to have his first game but the Waldron team didn't show, so they scrimmaged the Pony League team. Nonetheless I took some pictures of Jake pitching!
When the scrimmage was over, Dad and son went over every detail because....well....that's just what those two do!