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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday's Rural Route

Good Tuesday morning from an overcast and had been raining Knolltop.

I just got done doing Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos and not Kyle Bauer. I guess Kyle was in some meeting in South Dakota or Minnesota or somewhere. It must be an important one, he won't even answer my emails! He's one of those you can catch emailing on his Blackberry in a meeting, so if he's not emailing me, either my question about the weather in SD isn't important enough to interrupt his meeting with an answer or he's actually decided to be responsible and put his phone on silent!

Anyway, I got to sit in for Kyle and the guest was a farmer from Nebraska who had been arrested several times for protesting in front of abortion clinics. It was a very interesting hour!

We are starting to calve the 15 cows that are due in the next couple of months. And so far we don't have any keepers, meaning the three calves that were born were bulls, well actually one was a set of twins a bull and a heifer, so the heifer is infertile.

Although I enjoy having new calves to feed, Jake hates it! He doesn't like feeding calves that can't drink a bottle down in less than a minute and 30 seconds.

One baseball season ended and another is beginning. Tonight Jake will have his first little league game! The great thing about this is, the big boys will be home to milk while Bobby and I go to the game!

I'd better get, the dishes aren't done yet!