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Welcome to my blog! I'm a wife, mother of four and a self-employed freelance writer. I live on a dairy farm with my family and I enjoy sharing our life with family, friends and anyone else who wants to visit the farm. There's no telling what the I will write about from day to day, but hopefully you'll be enriched when you stop by! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Silence in the corn patch

Good Morning from the Knolltop! It's clear, cool and sunny this morning.

As I sat at my desk this morning I didn't hear shucking or grinning or giggling, just total silence! Yes my coon trappers did their job and I think the coons are gone!

Last night I gave my coon trappers a pair of rubber gloves, three pans of fly bait and a 2 liter of coke. I told them where to place the pans and to be careful so the bait doesn't spill out. I was sitting at my computer and I listened through the window as they set the traps. When they came back in, they brought at least half of the bottle of pop back in with them and said, "Can we drink the rest?" I asked if they even used any of it for it's intended use, they assured me they put plenty in the pans! I should've known this would happen when they asked before they went out if they could drink what we didn't use. Silly me.

This morning as I sat at my computer at 3:30 am posting the news on Dairy Agenda Today I heard total silence! It truly was "Golden."

I went to count the coons, but I didn't want to get all wet from the dew, so I will send the coon trappers out for the count!