Knolltop Farm Wife

Welcome to my blog! I'm a wife, mother of four and a self-employed freelance writer. I live on a dairy farm with my family and I enjoy sharing our life with family, friends and anyone else who wants to visit the farm. There's no telling what the I will write about from day to day, but hopefully you'll be enriched when you stop by! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Friday, August 28, 2009

They Lost!

Cool and rainy...and I mean rainy on the Knolltop today!

JW's home from his judging trip, but I haven't had a chance to visit with him about it. I sent him directly to the barn when I woke him up. When he gets in, he can download all of his info!

Luke had a game last night, Bobby and Jake went, Sarah and I stayed home to milk. My parents and their comrades also attended over in Adrian. They lost. They got shut out. It wasn't good. Knowing Luke was in a bad mood and it would take some coaxing to get any information out of him, I had him sit on the couch and I sat on the floor with his feet in my lap and gave him a foot rub. It's amazing how much they will talk while getting their feet rubbed! I practically relived the whole game and I didn't even have to pay admission!

Today I have to finish painting the office. When I get done blogging and writing and Sarah is finished folding the clothes, we will get to work!