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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and Sweet 16

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday. We sure did. After a great service at know the church is always full on Easter.... we came home and I took a short nap and started on dinner. Of course, the Easter candy was gone by dinner time..around here, candy doesn't last long.

I cooked the traditional Easter ham, cheesy potatoes, corn, homemade rolls and the coconut cake for dessert. Although the cake was supposed to be made four days earlier... Sarah and I made in Saturday night and miraculously...all that sugar, sour cream, whipped cream and coconut tasted just grand! After we all laid around absolutely stuffed to the gills, we watched a little more basketball until the neighbor called with her good news.

It seems the bred heifer at Knolltop Morgans, who is bound for the Michigan Spring Foundation Sale this week, and who wasn't supposed to calve until the end of the month...had an Easter baby! Rodney as they affectionately refer to him, was born yesterday while the neighborhood was all gone to church. So, the new mom, Rhoda, was delivered here just in time for milking and is coming along quite nicely. Whoever ends up with her at the end of the sale on Friday, will have a very nice fresh heifer.

And the other sweet weekend happening was MSU beating Pitt! Although Pitt was favored 3 to 1, we pulled out the win....beating them by 11! Now they will take on Memphis on Friday night...I can't wait!

So much to do this week while we get ready for our Michigan Junior Holstein annual meeting, the Spring Foundation Sale, the Spring Holstein Show on makes my head spin!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation about the Good Friday planting.
When we lose electricity after a storm I realize how reliant we are on others to provide "things" for us. I live in the middle of PA Dutch country and can't quite figure out why the Amish would want to live without the modern conveniences, but they are so self reliant and power outages and gas prices don't effect them. Maybe they've had it right all along?!
Beth in PA

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