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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Good Morning from the cloudy cold Knolltop. They are predicting we will have 4-6 inches of snow fun. So, no peas will be planted here.

So, Beth is confused and I think Mel at Pryorvu helped her out quite a bit supplying us with the scientific rendition of why we should plant our peas by Good Friday. Now I'll offer why I say it. When we lived in Goshen, Indiana, we lived among the Amish and Mennonites. They were fantastic gardeners. I learned a lot from those ladies down there on how to garden, how to be more efficient with my time, how to be thrifty and how important it was to cultivate good friendships.

Down there, everyone had their peas and potatoes in by Good Friday, except me. The garden centers where you bought all your seeds and plants...if you didn't start them yourselves...opened up on March 1st and closed down on June 1st. Imagine how surprised I was when I went to get my tomato plants on June 3rd and they were closed! Down there, if you snooze you lose. That is my only reason for planting by Good Friday. I hope that helps you Beth!

For anyone who Spartans beat Temple they take on Pitt. Don't worry, they'll win! This March madness is great, isn't it?

It looks as if we will have a traditional Easter here since Luke's basketball tournament was cancelled. So now I've got to get my four day coconut cake will only be a three day cake now....but I'm sure it will be just as good.

Tell me what you're having for Easter dinner? I'd love to hear of some of your traditional foods and fun on the wonderful resurrection day!