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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home again

Good Morning from a very windy and cold Knolltop. The wind is from the west and my kitchen is on the west side of the you know today is a great day to bake something just to warm up the kitchen.

We arrived home from the great FFA convention and as expected we were extremely tired and faced a full afternoon ahead. Not only did we have our routine of supper and chores, but as JW headed out to work for a while for the neighbor and we headed to the barn to milk, Luke went to his basketball game. He had two games last night and we made it to the second one. We got back home at 11 pm....way too late for this dairy farming family!

Everyone is going full tilt again this morning. JW has already gone to do chores for the neighbor and is back now and he and Luke and Jake are moving some hay while Sarah and I clean up the house. Actually I just want to take a nap...but that won't happen for a while. After chores tonight, we will go watch Luke play two more games of basketball. Although it's late at night when we get home, it sure is fun to watch those boys play!

The FFA convention was great. I had a wonderful three days hanging out with the kids. Like I mentioned before, their enthusiasm is infectious. I just absolutely loved being with them all...every single one of them! The kids won several awards for public speaking, conduct of meetings, outstanding juniors, creed speaking and star chapter awards. They collected a lot of hardware!
As much as these kids were fun to be around, I think the hotel staff was glad to see every blue cordroy jacket leave the building. It's not that they were bad, they were just kids being kids and having fun. But kids being kids having fun can be a little loud and disturbing for hotel guests that want a good night's sleep.
This is Ella, she is one of my BFF's and the mother of some of the most talented kids I know. She and I do 4-H together and our kids are in FFA, but different chapters...we just had the benefit of hanging out at the convention together. This is Sarah, Ella's daughter who competed in the public speaking finals. She's one smart cookie and has a lot on the ball. She does absolutely everything she can and does it well.Luke had the benefit of hanging out with some very pretty girls and took full advantage....well, not really. But he and Sarah (left) have been good friends for a long time and his very special friend is on the right.
The kid playing the fiddle is Matt, Ella's son, Sarah's brother and JW and Luke's buddy. Matt is a boy who I love to pieces. In fact, I told Ella if anything ever happened to her, I wanted Matt! He is an extremely talented young man who plays several stringed instruments proficiently. He's an amazing athlete as well and is very involved in 4-H too. He has a very competive nature which drives him to success in everything he attempts. Matt also has an opinion and isn't afraid to share it and that's another admirable trait. A teenage boy who is convicted is a very persuasive individual. Mark my words, Matt will go far in life...very, very far!


Anonymous said...

I just returned from the Indiana Farm Bureau Spring Conference where Trent Loos gave the key note address this morning. Wow, what a speech. I completely agreed with everything he said, especially about the problems in this country stem from the total break down of family values. More dogs sleep with people that spouses? And dogs being treated as actual children? Girls getting breast implants for graduation presents? The damage being done by Hollywood stars pushing the vegan lifestyles and putting animals above humans. Do you see abused children on the news, not often. I could go on, it was a great session. Linda

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