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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sticks and heifers

Another spring like day promised here on the Knolltop! I just love this kind of weather...even if there is mud to contend with. It's much different here than where I grew up. Here we're on a hill and everything drains...back home is flat and wet...well it was until my dad got his fields tiled. But the driveway was always muddy. Even the milk truck dreaded our driveway in the spring.

Last night was sticking night. We got all the show heifers out and put a stick to 'em. That is Bobby's coveted cow measuring stick that we gave him on his birthday a few years ago. He loves that stick....almost as much as he loves his cows.

Anyway...all I heard was grumbling from Luke about his heifer not being tall enough and that it's not fair that JW's heifer is taller and the heifer that we sold to the neighbor is the tallest one. Boy did he gripe! It was very funny. I tried to tell him that if someone buys a heifer from us, it's a good thing if they have success. He just doesn't want anyone else having success at his expense. Competitiveness is a good thing.

Time for chores.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lissa!
I remember coming to your house for 4-H sewing. Mom would be gunning the car down the driveway praying we would make it and not get stuck. Or she would drive the truck to make sure we would make it - and Mom rarely drove the truck!

I thought I would put my two cents in on the calf naming too! My 4-H cow line also started with R's - Rena was my baby and her offspring was Rachel and Raquel.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

A lot of the buyers of our cattle are repeat buyers. You will never go wrong selling good cattle We are hoping for a lot of that when we have our dispersal in September.
Francis and Pat

Anonymous said...

What handsome sons you have! We need to get our boys together again. What a fine photo that would make!


Anonymous said...