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Monday, March 10, 2008


Good Monday morning fromt the overcast, 20 degree Knolltop!

It was a busy weekend here. On Friday night we watched Luke's AAU team play basketball, they won one and lost one. Then on Saturday we had a "normal" day on the farm and then that evening Luke had two more games. They won both of those and it was another late night....and then the time change hit us and I'm still recovering.

Yesterday we went to church and then JW and I had a Michigan Junior Holstein Association meeting which was very productive. Those kids are a great group! We're busy planning for our annual meeting on March 28th at our Michigan Spring Show in East Lansing and then we are also planning a trip to the National Holstein Convention at the Wisconsin Dells in June.

Now on to another week of life. JW starts baseball practice today and I think he was a little nervous. I can't believe baseball season is here already...of course it could have something to do with snow on the ground.

Then over the weekend was the Branson Limited Edition sale by Burton and Fellers and since I've appointed myself as the official Burton-Fellers blog....yes, Ed and Dallas are officially worried now...they just don't know how to take me.....I will have their sale results later....because absolutely everyone wants to know what happened at the Branson Limited Edition Sale. For example, everyone is dying to know what the high seller was, the low seller, what cow kicked over the potted flowers around the sale ring, if the auctioneer sounded good or if he had a cold, if the coffee and donuts were fresh that morning or did they go cheap and buy the day old donuts, did the sales force have matching outfits, which hat did Ed wear, you know, all the important stuff!

Better get to the barn.


Dallas Burton said...

Since Melissa has self-appointed herself the Burton-Fellers official blogger and since Ed and I are old and computer illiterate, then I guess she has the job. But a couple of things should be stated up front . . . we never buy day old donutes and the cows always kick over at least one of the potted plants around the sale ring. We do not usually wear matching uniforms although 4 of our most valued sale staff members did rent a suite together at this sale. They SAID it was because it was cheaper than 4 single rooms (Big Cedar is a beautiful place but rather pricey). I had fun with them ever since I found out the 4 of them rented one room together and called it the Honeymoon Suite . . . and yes, Ed and I did decorate it for them with valentines we found on sale (a $21 expense charged off to sale expense). But apparently all was went well and they at least did get a few hours sleep the night before the sale. They were all very active during the sale and we on the phones with bidders almost every animal. We have a great sale staff that really do work hard and we appreciate them. But it's always fun to have a good time at their expense also.

OK, Melissa, it's your responsibility now. The success of our auction business is in your hands.

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