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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Morning from a finally very clear, very sunny Knolltop.

The moon was full and bright this morning as we went across the road to milk. And now it's given way to a beautiful sunrise! While we're supposed to have our peas in by tomorrow...Good Friday...mine aren't even close to being put in. The ground has not been touched and the first pea hasn't even been purchased. And they are predicting a snowstorm for fun.

The All American Beef Battalion is on its way to it's first steak feed! I'm not sure how many of you know about this effort, but I wrote a story on it recently. Bill Broadie, a cattle buyer for Superior Livestock, yes the same one that has the auctions on RFD-TV, is a Vietnam vet and came up with the idea that the U.S. beef producers should feed every member of our troops a steak. He and his board of directors are running a campaign to collect funds to be able to put on a steak feed for troops that are coming home, or being deployed and for all those all over the world fighting for freedom. His desire is to show our troops that we support them and that we are willing to feed them good American beef!

You can read more about this effort at their website,

What's exciting is that they are going to put on their first steak feed in Olathe, Kansas in April and it's going to be quite an event. They are still ironing out all the details, but as they become available, I will provide them here, or you can visit there website. It's an exciting venture!

Better go get breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Plant peas on Good Friday? Here we try hard to get the potatoes in the ground on Good Friday for a good crop. But we have had five inches of rain the past two days so it won't happen this year. Sunshine this morning is great. Happy Easter, Linda

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused about using Good Friday as a basis for planting. Good Friday comes at a different time each year so planting season can change by as much as a month. I am so confused. It is not that I am a "city girl." I used to watch my mom freeze her peas and beans from the garden but spending time in a kitchen is equivalent to doing time in prison for me so I never learned about such things - fortunately I have a husband who has supper waiting on the table everynight when I get home from work.
So could someone explain the rationale behind using Good Friday as a basis for planting?
Beth from PA

PryorVu said...

Spring has sprung at the PryorVu.
Light snow this morning for a while, then sunshine. Grass is turning green. Planting on Good Friday is age old. Especially your peas and potatoes. At the PryorVu the spinach has been planted in the cold frame and little tomato plants and peppers are sprouting in the house. The years that Easter is early is generally a sign of an earlier than normal season. If one remembers from last fall, especially in this part of the world, the antelope, deer and elk ruts were about two weeks earlier than normal. That tells me that the good Lord is going to give us an early spring. Therefore a good time to plant. All the Easter thing and the planting is based on the time of the vernal Equinox.

Anyway, calving is going really well, about half done, and only two more heifers to go.

Hope all have a blessed Easter.

Anonymous said...