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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow at Easter

Okay...this has got to be a first. We have a foot of snow and it's Easter weekend! God has a real sense of humor doesn't He?

I really didn't think we would get as much snow as they had been predicting all week but we did. The wind blew all night and now we have drifts everywhere! The big boys are out playing in the snow right now...they had Brad spend the night last night, after they got home from the movies...much earlier than last week. I guess they had quite a time getting through the snow drifts on our road. They had a good time and were safe under my roof by 9 pm.....that was good.

So today, I've got to run to town...if they ever plow the roads...and get a few things for Easter dinner and then we'll be home for a night of what else? Basketball! MSU takes on Pittsburgh tonight and everyone I talk to says we will lose. But hope springs eternal!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We keep getting snow too! I would much rather have rain this time of the year. Hope you have a great Easter.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Ma,Liss ah,

My Mom & Dad were Pennsylvania Dutch,
Mom Always tried to get the garden peas planted by St. Patrick's Day.
said, they always grew better, least ways that is what her mom told her.

Well I don't think I could of planted peas with a shotgun this St. Patty's day.
Ground is froze plum too hard!!

Anonymous said...