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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm too old.

It's another kind of clear morning here on the Knolltop, but this farmwife and mother is tired.

I think we've got it all backwards. We should have teenagers when we're younger not older. Last evening the boys and their buddy decided to take in a movie. Again, I said, "That's fine, as long as it honors Jesus."

They took off and I didn't think about them again until after I brought my two youngest home from an event at church. I put them to bed and then my mind started racing. I wonder what movie the boys picked. I wonder when it gets out. I wonder if they're okay. I wonder if they're getting hit by a drunk driver!

Okay...that was it...then I began to worry. How strange it is that my mind when from what movie they saw to them laying in a ditch dying. The mind is a very powerful thing.

So I called JW's cell phone and got his voice mail. I told him, in a very stern voice, "CALL ME!" I didn't tell him who it was....I don't think I sounded like one of his little girlfriends I'm sure he knew who it was.

With no response, I called and left another message and then took the phone and a blanket and camped out on the couch until I was awakened by a ring. It was JW and they had just gotten out of the movie and were on their way home. Whew!

I'm getting too old for this and I'm only on my first two teenagers. In less than 9 months I'll have three teenagers. It would be better if I were 25 and had the stamina to stay up half the night. But then again, I don't think it would be any better chasing after four toddlers at my age either. So, I guess God got this one right. :)

By the way...the movie they say they saw? "Horton Hears a Who." I'm not sure I believe that one...I'll get to the bottom of that today!


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