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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm going back to bed

It's a cloudy morning on the Knolltop. I think we're supposed to get a mix of weather today...but really, does it matter anymore? I don't think spring or summer will ever come....I've given up.

It's going to be a busy day here on the Knolltop...and I'm just not sure how it's all going to work. I think I'll go back to bed! I've got to write my column, take the neighbor's heifers up to MSU for the show, come back home in time to fix dinner, do chores, fix a dish for the FFA awards dinner tonight after chores and somehow Luke is supposed to do FFA and then have basketball practice. JW also has a game scheduled, but thanks to bad weather we're almost sure that won't happen. will go and then we'll have that added into the day!

After the FFA banquet I have to take JW over to Litchfield to pick up Frank Robinson's know Frank...the Bovine Beautician.... JW will drive it to MSU, (because Frank rode to his next farm with someone else thinking he would come back this way and get his car.) JW will stay up there to help the neighbor with her show string and be there tomorrow morning for the Michigan Junior Holstein Association Semen sale.

And at some point, my neighbor and I have to gather everything for this Fiesta basket that we're auctioning off for the Jackpot show. You know, if I had gotten that done a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have to worry about it. If I were organized, I'd be dangerous! So many "If's"!


Anonymous said...

You need to have relatives that live in the south like we do that e-mail you pictures of budding flowers and tell you it was 75 today
Francis and Pat

Anonymous said...

Do you own stock in an oil company? If not, you should. All the running around that you do, I am sure you are donating a lot of money to the gas stations!
Here in southeastern PA my first crocuses bloomed yesterday. Spring is here!
Beth in PA

Anonymous said...

It was actually 85 here in Texas!


Anonymous said...