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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The big Surprise!

Good Sunday morning from the Knolltop! It's kind of sunny and kind of hazy today.

Where do I start? The last couple of days getting ready for Bobby's surprise visit from his mom and sister were extremely busy. On Friday I was able to get the house mostly clean and the laundry could even see the laundry room floor! As I hustled around I made the kids do some odd jobs that they don't normally do, I thought for sure Bobby would become suspicious...but he didn't.

After JW's game Friday night, they split the double header and he got to pitch and did a great job...we came home and I continued to do laundry and to make sure they took care of their things before they went to bed.

On Saturday morning as we rushed out the door to Sarah's volleyball tournament, Bobby's birthday breakfast was uneventful with the kids barely saying happy birthday, no cards were given and I was all about having the kids do their dishes so the kitchen was clean and telling Luke to finish putting out the mulch before we left. Honestly, Luke putting out mulch at 7:30 in the morning? Surely I thought Bobby would think that was odd and start to question the clean house, the fresh mulch and the absence of the Christmas tree on the front porch....but he didn't.

While at the tournament, he called me to see when I might be coming home. I just told him I didn't know when I'd be home and that Sarah's team kept winning so they would be playing longer. In the meantime, I had fielded several calls from Nana telling me where she was and when they got closer "Operation Surprise" went into action.

Sarah had to ride home with someone else while Luke, Jake and I started home. We made a quick stop for a card and some goodies and then arrived home to find Bobby and JW sitting in the livingroom reading. It was all quite calm here. The house was clean and we were ready for the big moment. I didn't want to fix dinner because we were going out later, so I had to come up with something to eat if they didn't get here quick. Not seeing any sign of them, I began to slowly get dinner on the table. JW took Bobby out and lured him into playing catch while I stalled in the kitchen.

Carole was supposed to call when they got close and she was going to talk to Bobby while they drove in the driveway. No call. A few minutes later and still no call. I had to put dinner on the table soon because the cows needed to be milked. So I just put out stuff for sandwiches and called them into eat.

Bobby sarcastically said, "Boy, you went all out today!" I replied, "Well, it is your birthday, I wanted to do something special for you!" We sat and ate and still no call. Several cars came down the road and still no call. With every cloud of dust, I looked down the road, but still nothing.

Finally the phone rang and it was Carole. They visited while JW and I kept looking down the road. It seemed like an eternity before they finally came driving up the road and into the driveway. Still talking on the phone Bobby looked at me and mouthed, "Who is that?" I shrugged my shoulders and waited.....when they got out of the car he started laughing and everyone started hugging and laughing. It was great!

The kids and I did chores while they went to town to get cake and ice cream. Then we went to dinner and back home for cake. It was a great surprise and Bobby woke up this morning saying, I still can't believe you kept that a secret! He keeps asking who knew about it and I said, everyone knew about it but you! (I told you he didn't read my blog)

Aunt Carole, the mother of two great grown boys and now the mother in law of a beautiful daughter in law, was a big hit! After dinner the boys and I were walking out and they commented, "Aunt Carole reminds me a lot of you mom, but she's a way cooler mom than you!" Although it was backwards, I'll take that as a compliment.

As of this morning, Aunt Carole and the big boys are planning a trip to Dallas where she will spoil them rotton. She has planned a fishing trip, a Ranger's game, sleeping in and swimming all day in her pool. I want to go too!

It was a great time....and Bobby said one of his best birthdays ever!

Jake had gotten into a squabble with Luke, so he wasn't in the picture taking mood.

Now we are off to Toledo for Luke's basketball never stops.


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