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Monday, April 7, 2008

Opening Day!

It's a sunny morning here on the Knolltop and just the right kind of day for the opening day of JW's baseball season. This afternoon they have their first game in Camden. I'm so excited for JW. I told Bobby I would stay home and milk and he could go to the game....he loves baseball!

Well, the cows came home and just in time I might add. They strolled in from their neighborhood jaunt just in time to be fed and milked and then the boss walked in the barn just as we hooked up the last cow. Other than fresh sod between their toes from hanging out over the fence where the grass is always greener....there were no other signs of their escape. Those naughty cows. :)

I have to tell you, I had a great time in Stryker, Ohio speaking at their annual FFA awards banquet over the weekend. (Although the ride home was an adventure...which I'll share later)

Their FFA advisor, Duane Knisely invited me down for their celebration and boy was it fun. Duane has a great group of kids there to work with and they rolled out the red carpet not only for me but for all their guests. The gym was beautifully decorated, the banquet table was filled with wonderful food and watching these kids host this event was exiting and motivating.

I was asked to give a motivational talk and after watching this group in action and the passion they have for FFA, agriculture and for each other, I was the one motivated! One of the highlights of the evening was receiving an Honorary FFA Chapter Degree. They gave me a degree! Can you believe that? The one who was never a part of this wonderful organization now get's one of their highest honors! WOW! I was more than excited about that. And then they gave me a pen set with a clock and my name on own monogram ed shirt with their new slogan on it..."FFA taking you from practice to reality"

But...the biggest highlight for me was watching the 2007-2008 officer team say goodbye to Mr. Knisely as he retired this year. Each one gave Mr. Knisely a rose and said their goodbyes to him. One gal stood there and said, "Mr. Knisely, you are every reason why I want to be an ag teacher and I cannot wait!"

Another gal said, "Because of you, I'm not that shy little girl I used to be." And one of the most poignant moments was when officer stood at the podium trying to collect herself. Wiping the tears from her eyes she stood there and stood there, trying to say something and then finally in a totally silent room waiting for her words of goodbye she just walked over and gave him a big hug. Her actions said it all.

I fell in love with FFA all over again that night. Thank you Stryker FFA and Mr. Knisely for allowing me to be a part of your evening. The pleasure was surely all mine!


PryorVu said...

From the land of the PryorVu, read your info on your local FFA group.
The Montana State FFA convention was last weekend. Two teams from the local high school won the Mechanics event and the Farm Management at the State level and will be competing at the National Convention this fall. One member was high overall for Farm Management. We, too, have a really active and successful FFA program in the high school. Isn't fun to pass along good things that are young folks are doing.

Weather is pretty "springy" here. Looking hard from some moisture. The new Ayshire cows are enjoying the hillsides on the PryoVu.

Anonymous said...