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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A clean phone

It's another nice morning here on the Knolltop. Spring has sprung around here, with the flowers budding and the birds singing...I think spring is really here!

I was able to get lots done outside yesterday. My neighbor has an immaculate yard so I have a very high standard to live up to. I very rarely make it, but I know she continues to hold out hope that I will make my yard look as nice as hers so the farmsteads match. You see, this is a two home farm and uniformity would be a great thing, if I could only keep up.

The last two evenings there has been a neighbor raking leaves out of Miss Stanna's flower beds. So yesterday I decided I needed to rake and put mulch down to get ready for our company. I picked the windiest day of the year to rake, so I opted not to start a fire. I didn't think the local fire department would appreciate it. Instead I loaded all the leaves in the back of the pickup and dumped them in the field. The only bad part was that most of my leaves were blowing into Miss Stanna's yard. As I tried to hurry and get the leaves loaded up, I was hoping she wasn't standing in her kitchen looking out at the mess I was creating in her clean yard!

But the wind saved me, the leaves just kept on blowing across her yard and into the field!

When I came in to put in another load of laundry I pulled out the wet clothes and a nice clean cell phone! Yes, I washed my cell phone and they really don't work well after that. So last night I had to run into town and get a new one. I know...I'm a mess. And did I mention my dryer quit? Yes, all of you who said my dryer would break down as soon as I gave my spare dryer were correct! So I spent last weekend drying everything the Amish way, on a drying rack in front of the fire. Monday the repair man came and fixed it....I've been a washing maniac ever since!

Better get breakfast!


threecollie said...

Oh dear, I don't have a cell phone, but I have laundered my pocket herd book...which was not such a good thing. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa...
Keep that old cell phone. The insides will dry out after awhile and then if something happens to the new one (kind of like the clothes dryer incident), it might come in handy. It worked for my dad.

somebody said...