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Monday, April 14, 2008

Oooooo what a busy weekend!

It's a clear morning here on the Knolltop...much better than yesterday when we woke up to snow flurries!

We had a very busy weekend and I'm glad it's Monday! Saturday morning we took all of our warm blankets and a picnic lunch and headed to a baseball tournament in Grass Lake. It was raining one minute, blowing the next but wrapped under tons of blankets with our winter togs on, we were warm as toast.....when our blankets would stay in place.

JW pitched a couple of innings the first game, but they lost. Then JW had the winning RBI so they won the second game. He was pretty happy when he got home. We were happy to be home too....where it was warm! In between games we had a picnic lunch in the van. Gramps and Grandma came down and while Gramps hung out in the van and watched from the parking lot, Grandma braved the weather for her grandson and sat with me the whole time in the bleachers. I don't mean to make Gramps sound like a fact....I think he might have been the smartest one of all!

While we were freezing, Luke was sweating at a basketball tournament in Toledo. They won a game and lost a game and then on Sunday we all trekked down there to watch them smoke the Toledo Gators. Afterward we stopped for lunch and got home just in time for a Sunday afternoon nap!

After chores we went to the Udder Side for ice cream compliments of Miss Stanna our next store neighbor who kindly gave us a gift card to the Udder Side. She does that a couple of times a year because Bobby makes sure her driveway is plowed and Jake shovels her sidewalk. We love those kinds of gifts!

Today I'm off to get a birth certificate for Sarah so she can play volleyball on Saturday. Yes, her tournaments are starting up so I will be spending each and every Saturday watching screaming girls play volleyball! At least I won't freeze to death!

And isn't it strange that I've had a social security card for her since she was a month old, but they didn't automatically issue us a birth certificate? I guess they wanted to make sure if she had any income as a newborn, it was reported!

JW has a game today at home, it will be sunny, but not too warm. Another ballgame wrapped up in a sleeping bag!


Anonymous said...

We have The Udder Choice which serves ice cream & sandwichs here in PA Dutch Country. I thought it was cute and unique - guess others thought to use the idea as well. Oh well, great ideas can't be contained! But, does your Udder Side have a 6 foot long ice cream scoop?
Beth in PA

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