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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bored Cops

It's a windy, warm morning here on the Knolltop. I couldn't believe it when I got up to make the coffee and it was 60 out! I love not having to wear all those clothes out to milk!

Last night JW's team won again. This time they knocked off Waldron 6-4. We got the cows milked and got there during the third inning. Yes, it was a slow game. I had forgotten how cool you can get on these spring evenings at the ball park. By the time I got home I was just freezing! JW played a little outfield and then played third base for a while. I can't tell you how he did batting...I know, I know, what kind of mother am I?

Since when is it illegal to have a truck without a tailgate? The other night while I was driving home from Ohio a police car came up behind me and I figured since I wasn't speeding he was after someone else. So I kept on chatting on my cell phone with Frank Robinson, who I called on mistake by pushing the wrong name in my phonebook....and I just ignored the flashing lights. After a mile or two I decided to stop. I told Frank what was happening and hung up. I was baffled at why they would stop me....I knew I couldn't have been speeding in this old farm truck.

The officer came up to me and I immediately asked, "Was I speeding?" And he replied, "No ma'am, you weren't speeding but you do have some equipment violations." My thoughts started flowing and I began to wonder why at 10 pm on a Saturday night they could find time to stop a woman in a farm truck for equipment violations! Do they not have anything else to do?

He told me that I had one light out on my licence plate and that I had no tailgate. Oh my...arrest me! One little light and an AWOL tailgate? Honestly! Then he finally fessed up, and said they wanted to make sure I sober. I replied, "Sober? Oh yes sir, I'm sober alright! I just got done speaking at an FFA banquet in Ohio, I think I'm sober!" And as I went on and on and on I then thought, I'm making my case worse and I said, "The way I'm running my mouth I'm starting to sound like I'm drunk, aren't I?"

The officer said, "Oh no ma'am, I know you're not drunk." Then he took my liscence and came back with a warning. He asked me again where I had been and I told him and then explained to him that my husband had our van and was visiting friends in Wisconsin and that I had the farm truck, tailgate. He looked at the truck and said, "Oh, that explains a lot." And then he let me go.

I called Frank back and told him I was in jail...he didn't buy it.

Better go get breakfast!


threecollie said...

Wouldn't you think they would have important criminals to arrest? They got my poor husband once because the farm truck didn't have a center mirror. It had two side mirrors and was usually used to pull the trailer, where the mirror would have been useless, so we didn't bother to replace it. It was particularly bad for us as the kids and I were leaving for camp that day, needed him to help get the canoe on the car, and he didn't come home because they kept him sitting for over an hour while they checked out his horrific violation!

Anonymous said...

My nephew got a ticket for not having his tailgate closed not too long ago.
My husband got a fix it ticket for having his license plate light out, of course he got the ticket after he told the officer that he didn't think that is why he pulled him over to begin with. It was Saturday night out in the country and two other friends had been stopped in the same area. When he took his pickup in after he got the light working, the officer at the station laughed-he had never seen a ticket for that. Ah, life on the farm.

Anonymous said...