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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cows gone wild

Good Morning from a very sunny day here at the Knolltop.

Before anyone, I didn't have donuts for breakfast...although I would like one right now with my coffee. I actually had something good for my body, yogurt and raisin bran!

Things are going well this morning on the Knolltop without the head honcho. No broken water bowls, the gutter cleaner continues to run trouble free, the tractor starts, the cows are still milking...well, except for those ones I just didn't get to ...I was tired of milking so I just hung up the milkers and turned them out. Sometimes you just have to take a break. I mean, really,'s just never ending.

And yesterday I got so tired of fixing fence and I was really I just dropped the wire and came in for a snack. I hope the heifers aren't tempted by the opening. They have plenty of feed so it's not like they need to get out to eat. I say, if they get out then it's all their fault! Why do I have to be responsible for their choices anyway? I sit here...I can look out my window and half the milk cows are headed to Knolltop Morgans. I hope Lori has enough hay to feed them for a couple of days....if they think I'm gonna run down there and bring them back they'd better think again. If they think the grass is greener up the road...then they can just stay there and see how good the grass tastes.

That's just fine with I won't have so many to milk. I'm getting tired of milking anyway. This twice a day stuff has got to go...once every couple of days would be ideal.

Oh...Lori's calling.....okay...I'm back. I told her to keep the cows up there for a few days, I needed a vacation. I told her where she could find the portable milk pump and milker. Hope it still works.