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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh those Kansas Jayhawks!

Go Kansas!

No, here on the Knolltop, we were not cheering for Kansas, we wanted Memphis simply because they beat MSU. But I guess since the newly crowned NCAA men's basketball champions Kansas Jayhawks are from a farming state, we'll celebrate with them....just a little. Plus I have a couple of commrades from Kansas who I'm sure are whooping it up this morning and we'll just let them have their moment.

But my biggest question is what in heaven's name is a Jayhawk? Must be one of those native Kansas birds that no one else has.

We are celebrating another victory, JW's team beat Camden last night 11-0. JW had a couple of hits but one bummer was his buddy, Matt Mann, the guy who plays the violin, remember him? He struck JW out... twice. JW wasn't too happy about that.

Tonight JW plays at home against Waldron and I will get to go to that. Then Luke has practice. The weather has finally decided to straighten up and be springlike here on the Knolltop.
Yesterday I had a treat. My neighbor and I, Lori from Knolltop Morgans, took her fresh heifer to Indiana to be sold in the Midwest Holstein Sale at Mark Sellers Farm this Thursday. And of course I had to take my camera along and I snapped a shot of a couple of the hard working fitters at the sale site.

One fitter, and I use that term loosely with this guy, was David Bennett from the thumb area. He the one holding the shovel...actually leaning on it. He is on the Holstein board with me and he does his best work while talking.....and nothing else.....just talking. The other guy actually working is Brandon from Kentucky. I told him he looked like the lead singer for Rascal Flatts. He commented that he hears that a lot.

The Jersey heifer they were clipping at the time needed a lot of evaluating....they do that a lot too.

Better go evaluate how breakfast is coming!