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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A photo shoot

Good Morning from the sunny Knolltop that was forecast to be rainy. I'm glad for the sun, even though it's cool...I'll be able to mow the rest of the lawn today, it's lookin' pretty shaggy. Especially compared to Miss Stanna's well manicured lawn. Oh that Miss does she do it?

Yesterday my tractor appeared in it's first ever photo shoot. The kids FFA chapter officers wanted to take pictures in front of an antique tractor and then in a modern tractor for a project they are working on for their officer camp this weekend. They have to make a table display for a contest.

Because my tractor hadn't been run since Christmas day, it wasn't feeling up to being started. So, Bobby pulled it out of the barn for me so they could stand around it for the pictures.

I had them all stand backwards so we could see the school name on their jackets. But now that I look at the tractor got lost in all the bodies!

Then we went down the Mr. Darvan's house and took pictures in front of one of his big tractors. Now you can see why Jake loves to ride with Rodney and Mr. Darvan...who wouldn't love to ride in that monster all day long?They are a cute bunch of officers are they? I love those kids!

Well, JW has a game today at home and Jake will start his baseball practice....he's so excited.

Better get to work!