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Friday, June 20, 2008

Good games and answered prayer

It's another beautiful morning here on the Knolltop!

Luke is gone to his last day of basketball camp, Bobby and JW are fixing fence and Sarah and Jake are doing housework and aren't happy at all about it! Oh well.

Last night Jake's team beat Pittsford by a lot! And JW and Luke's team took both games of their double header last night. Luke got to pitch the second game and after he ran out of gas in the fourth inning, JW came in to relieve him, but he had the National Holstein Convention on the brain and had to be relieved in the last inning. At least that was Luke's rendition of the game. Actually Luke went into greater detail about JW's performance last night and I'll just say this; I'm glad I wasn't riding in the truck with the two of them on the way home from the game. It must not have been too bad, they were joking around by the end of the evening.

Today we are scrambling around getting ready for to leave and to be gone for a week. You know how it is before you go on a trip, you get to the point when you have so much to do you stand around and say, "Why did I say I'd go on this trip, it's easier just to stay home!"

Good news and answered prayer yesterday. Dad went in for his surgery and it was a great far. I spoke with him on his way home from the hospital and he sounded so good I asked to speak to mom. When I got her on the phone I asked if Dad was still drugged up from the surgery and she assured me he wasn't, he just felt so much better! So...thanks for praying, I really appreciate it!

Now today I want you to pray for another friend of mine who is facing surgery today. They didn't want me to say anything to anyone, but I can't keep from asking for prayer so with no more information than I've given you, will you stand in the gap for my friend? THANKS!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your Dad came through his surgery with such success!

Have a safe trip and great time at the convention!


Anonymous said...

HOW BOUT THEM DOGS, WOF, WOF,WOF. 3-0 That is southern for: How about those dogs (you are making a statement, not asking a question). S B H

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