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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Internet Auctions...

It's been hot here on the Knolltop. I think we topped out at 91 yesterday, but there was such a strong wind, the heat was inconsequential. I loved it.
The show heifers are getting their daily workout, while I was mowing, I watched Sarah work with her little March calf. She seems so small, I hope she's not as small as I think. Although I watched the Kingsmill sale last night on the internet and those March calves were a bit bigger, but not that much.

It was fun to sit and watch the sale, Bobby and I came in from chores, plunked down in front of the computer and watched good cow after good cow sell. Chris Hill cried the sale and he's very enjoyable to listen to. Horace Backus and Dallas Burton read pedigrees. An unofficial average was around $10,000. That's what I heard Dallas mention during the sale and he also said they cleared the million dollar mark for the gross. So...another successful sale for Mitch Hockett and the Burton-Fellers team.

Bobby watched it for three hours, I only watched two hours, I had to take the kids swimming so I was gone from lot number 34 to 92.

I took this picture the other night before everyone went different directions, JW wasn't cooperating, he has his game face on, I guess.
This morning Jake has a game in Camden, the boys are working and I've got to head back out to the barn to help with chores so we can get to the game.