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Monday, June 16, 2008

Greetings from Finland

Anyone want to visit Finland this morning? Well come along with me and we'll go there, right now.
Thanks to Frank Robinson, our friendly Bovine Beautician and photogenic Californian, one look at this Ayrshire cow and we're immediately transported to Finland where this horned beauty calls home.
It's so fun to have a cow photographer send me pictures for my blog. We could call him the official Knolltop Farmwife photographer! Imagine the fame, fortune and extra credibility he'll gain with that addition to his credentials! No need to thank me Frank! HA!
This is going to be a very busy week here on the Knolltop. Luke is at basketball camp, we've got a dairy promotion event on Wednesday, meetings, shopping, painting and getting ready for the National Holstein Convention are all on tap for the week!
At the moment, I've got Sarah slaving over strawberries, Jake jerking his heifer around and JW is on trash detail. I'm not in charge of Bobby, let's hope he's not sluffing off.


Anonymous said...

Hey Liss--Ijust love it when you have a little color on your blog!! Just look at those horns and imagine the damage they could do to her herdmates. I guess I'm glad we nipped those horns in the bud when we had Ayrshires but I can remember when I was a kid they were always shown with horns and I was so impressed. They are still my favorites! mom

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