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Monday, June 2, 2008

Shopping mall deprivation

Summer has arrived, I guess we've just forgotten about spring! It's supposed to be in the 80s this week.

While trying to get details about the Pinehurst Sale I came up with very little. My "Source" was is done with that sale and has flown across the country to North Carolina for the Kingsmill Sale or what they've named it, "A Night at Kingsmill." The sale will be Friday night and if you want details on the cattle you can go to and get all the latest updates.

Although my info is skimpy, I did find out they had to have a change in venue for the sale. I guess the health department didn't like the thought of live cattle inside the country club where there was food being prepared. So they moved the sale ring outside under a tent. I guess they've never been to a county fair were you walk into a cow barn with tack areas filled with crockpots full of food.

Okay, now for the Knolltop update. I'm proud to say I have one more nephew who has graduated from High School. Tom, out in Montana, the dairy farmer extraordinaire is now out of school! His mother, my sister, has successfully homeschool three kids through graduation with two more to go! With only two in the house to homeschool she's on easy street. Now she can sleep in til 10, eat bon bons til noon then think about school work! Just joking...she's busier than I am, that's why she doesn't have a blog! I should write a story about her would be a good one.

Saturday was a very busy day, Sarah and I left for Dearborn, a Detroit suburb, for Volleyball and were gone all day long. The advantage to this was, the tournament was right across from a huge shopping mall, so of course I felt obligated to show her the shopping ropes. The girl had been deprived, she'd never been to a shopping mall with more than one level and "those really cool couches in the middle" as she put it. So we took a spin around the mall and found a couple of bargains but she was too tired to stay very long. I was just hitting my stride when she complained of her feet hurting and being tired. Oh, boy, does that bring back memories, my mom could always outshop me and my sister! We'd be dragging behind with blisters on our feet because we wore fashionable shoes instead of comfortable shoes. She had plenty of pep in her step and was on her second wind while we were total wimps! Funny how history repeats itself!

JW's team played in Tekonsha, they won their first game but lost the second. Then Jake played in his tournament with the same results. On Sunday, the kids and I went to church while Bobby and Jake went to Hudson for one last game. They lost, but it was a pretty day for a ball game.

Today I'd like to get some work done in my office then head out to the garden. I need to get some more things planted before the rain tomorrow!