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Welcome to my blog! I'm a wife, mother of four and a self-employed freelance writer. I live on a dairy farm with my family and I enjoy sharing our life with family, friends and anyone else who wants to visit the farm. There's no telling what the I will write about from day to day, but hopefully you'll be enriched when you stop by! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A no-hitter.....almost.

It's a party sunny, partly rainy day here on the Knolltop. That's the way it will be most of the day, so they say.

Last evening JW and Luke had a game in Jonesville. I arrived as they were winning the first game. The boys came over to report and JW said he was 1 inning away from pitching a no-hitter! He was so excited. I was happy for him, but sad because I had missed it...yes those cows had to be milked! But I got to watch the whole second game and they won that one too. Luke played center field and had a few hits.

The fun part was, these parents don't know my boys or me, so when I sat down I kept my mouth shut and waited for them to talk about my boys. The best part was, I heard a couple of the dads say, "That kid from North Adams can throw some heat! WOW!" As my chest swelled up with pride, I continued to keep my mouth shut, which is a miracle in itself.

Unfortunately Jake's team lost last night to Camden by one run. He wasn't happy, but the ice cream we had made it all better.

I'm not sure what today will hold on the Knolltop. We have to start scraping part of the barn to get it painted and I've got to finish mowing. I still have a few flowers to plant and yes, laundry...more laundry....the never ending mountain of laundry!