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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Got Milk?

Fun was had by all who promoted one of natures most perfect foods....MILK!

With our black got milk? background and our milk musctaches we donned everyone we could with a white sticker over their lip, snapped their shot and gave them a chug of milk before they went on their merry way to investigate other interesting venues all for kids.

With Lori from Knolltop Morgans and her brood we had a great time giving away free stuff and providing keepsake pictures for those brave enough to stand still for a sticker shot.

Of course the workers had to get in on the action with their own poses. Sarah shows off her muscles while Jake tries to pose for a serious shot. His giggling got in the way and his mustache kept falling off!

Then I wanted JW and I to get our mug taken and he generously sat on my lap! Of course the story behind that is, when he was younger and actually fit on my lap, I would ask him if when he was 16 years old would he still sit on my lap and let me hug him. He promised me he would. Now I have my very own picture of a kept promise.

Even the Hillsdale County Sheriff got in on the act with his milk mustache! He's up for re-election, I think this would make a great campaign shot!

The cows are milked, the work is done for the day, except the laundry of course. And I'm ready for bed!